Injection Moulding Technique

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Freitag, 30. Juni 2023 von 13.00 bis 20.00 Uhr,  Samstag, 01. Juli 2023 von 09.00 bis 17.00 Uhr

„Injection Moulding Technique“

Referent: Dr. David Geštakovski, Zagreb/Kroatien

(Kurssprache: Englisch)

Ort: ZÄF, Würzburger Straße 150, 63743 Aschaffenburg

18 Fortbildungspunkte nach den Richtlinien der BZÄK und DGZMK


Due to the increasing aesthetic demands of dental patients, there is a growing interest in restorative methods aimed at restoration of a beautiful smile. Thanks to the continuous development of cosmetic dentistry, we can offer different treatment options, materials and techniques.

The Flowable Injection Technique is a minimally invasive and a purely additive procedure which uses a transparent silicone index and injectable composite to translate the restorative plan from the wax-up to the composite restoration

Recently, a transparent silicone index has been increasingly used for direct veneers, which makes the dentist’s work easier and provides the patient with a predictable treatment result. Compared to the placement of ceramic veneers, this technique is much less complicated, less invasive and more affordable for the patients. It enables quick and non-invasive correction of unesthetic discolorations, enamel cracks, change of tooth shape and masking gaps between the teeth. With proper case selection and careful treatment planning, satisfactory results can be anticipated.

What makes us stand out?

  • Fast selection of tools used during the course
  • The original working methods of the master
  • Countless documented cases of own work in the form of high-quality photos
  • Different modifications of Flow-injection technique: single shade, cut back, layering technique and mixing shades

You will learn to:

  • distinguish between indications for performance of work in flow-injection technique
  • use adhesion when working with flow-type materials
  • apply traditional and digital workflow techniques in flow injection treatments
  • assess the correctness of wax-up
  • make transparent splints for the flow injection technique
  • plan the function for your composite veneers
  • make composite veneers in the maxillary anterior region using the flow injection technique
  • apply different modification of technique in different clinical situations
  • expand your range of treatments.

Theoretical part:

  • case selection and treatment planning
  • Wax-up and Mock-up
  • preparement of the transparent silicone index
  • analog vs digital planning
  • learning the flow-injection technique protocol step by step
  • finishing and polishing
  • polychromatic composite veneers
  • multiple restoration
  • work valuation
  • practical tips and advice

Practical part:

  • work on models with demonstration
  • production of putty silicon index for mock up and transparent silicone index
  • mock-up and space holders production
  • use of transparent silicone index with injectable composites
  • finishing and polishing

All participants will make 6 composite veneers with different modifications of the flow-injection technique:

  • single tone
  • cut-back-technique
  • layering-technique
  • shade-mixing


If you want to expand your range of services and satisfy the needs of patients who expect fast results or have a lower budget – flow injection technique will make your work easier and ensure a predictable treatment result. Starting from tomorrow.

Eine Liste der mitzubringenden Materialien (Instrumente/Lupenbrille) wird mit der Rechnung versendet. Verbrauchsmaterialien werden von GC Germany zur Verfügung gestellt.

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Doctor of dental medicine, School of dental medicine, University of Zagreb; Working experience: 3Dental (Dublin, Ireland), Ordinacija Geštakovski (Zagreb, Croatia); Specialised for composite veneers, INJECTABLE TECHNIQUE - holding educations, workshops and webinars about Injectable technique – international speaker; Author of publication in Quintessence International (QI) and International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry (IJED); GC key opinion leader on Injectable technique, and clinical moderator “Dental scenarios” group.; Running educational platform „Injecble technique by David Geštakovski“ -; YUBAT congress (Istanbul 2018.) – Best Clinical Application award; Member of HDEDM (Croatian Association of Esthetic Dentistry); Awarded with rectors and deans award. Scholarship recipient from University of Zagreb and city of Zagreb (2013-2018).; Additional education:

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